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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I own a separate cosmos of which , I'm the controller!

Another post! Just because I believe every writer has his own world. Of which he is the owner, of which he is the controller, of which he is the leader and of course, of which he is the writer! A writer believes in the might of the pen, a writer believes in himself, for him what he writes - happens! and what happens is what he wrote.

We've often heard the pen is mightier than the sword, true it is, a pen can plead, a pen can apologize, a pen can teach , a pen can express, a pen can change a person but a sword- it will JUST kill a person..!

The might of words can change a criminal to a saint but the point of a sword may reciprocate the situation. For a writer his writing are the world , he lives in them , studies them , writes them , owns them , leads them and thus is happy ONLY in them, a writer finds it hard to adjust in the real world , because he has created a totally different aspect of life forms in his writing and he believes and wishes to live in them forever. A writer seeks pleasure in writing, a true writer is the last person who's ready to show off his work , a writer writes what happens, a writer writes what happened, a writer writes the smallest pleasure he received , the smallest sorrow he bestowed , he writes when he is thankful , he writes when gloomy, he writes when he is happy ,he writes when he's muddles , he writes when he is shattered , in short- he writes in all forms of countenances !

He has this own cosmos of his own which he is the controller, he treats books as his best friend, he seeks peace in the words , which are words of boredom for millions! he seeks his life in those few pages  he seeks pleasure and happiness in those alphabets that flash in front of his eyes, he likes the ink blots, because they symbolize thinking..he likes the calligraphic form because it symbolizes beauty , he likes to run his hands down those fresh smelling pages, they symbolize his experience. A writer admires those small little things which the world leaves untouched and unnoticed  , which the world might disgust but the writer may praise. A writer has a third eye which re-creates his ideas and let's him see this world as something which the other mortals don't , a writer has a soul that of knowledge , a heart that of love and passion for alphabets , a mind that of ideas and thoughts and a hand that holds the pen forever, which is mightier than the sword!

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