Life- illuminated- as you may have inferred this blog talks about different views on is definitely one thing which nobody till date has fully described! Adding up a little more effort to the others, I pour in my writings , thoughts and views mainly on life from time to time. Welcome, you are about to penetrate deep down in my mind.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life is not just a walk, but a walk to remember!

Walking ,
we walk alone , when the world turn around , we walk by a friend when everybody leaves , we walk away from problems , we walk hand in hand with joy , we try and walk in some one else's shoes , walking is what we do throughout the life..!

Walk , walk , walk we all walk , we all walk towards the end of life, knowing each day we through takes us a day closer to death but yet we walk . We walk because everything around us seems to be walking. , all walking in pace to that of a clock's tick. These days we walk faster than the speed of sound , not looking here and there , not looking for anybody , just in a hurry to end up the race of life..!

But we should,  take a break  sit for a while , forget about the joy of walking , forget about winning the race of life because the reward ain't great anyway- death! We shall rest and seek joy and pleasure , in the world which shows the facets of the gloomy man and the laughing man at the same time, we shall experience what we always wanted to.When we sit for a while we learn about this journey of life  we learn about ourselves , about everything . So take rest sometimes by forgetting the delight of walking , the price ain't good anyways!

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