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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friends Forever!

Having a million friends , who pretend they love you , who show totally different facets of themselves in front of others are of no use. People go around showing off their popular groups , their popular friends , but do you think there exists any form of emotional bond between those brand conscious people sitting having a hookah and getting themselves trapped in the subconsciousness of the drinks?
according to you..maybe! But according to me..the answer is and will always remain a NO! such people are the stain on the word "friend" .. this word from their mouth sounds like an might get all the materialistic happiness you always searched for with them..but the support in your bad times, the pat on the back in success, the hands that wipe those tears, the heart that cries for you, the hug that sets everything alright and their cheering up lets you achieve the most difficult goals in life, they give you memories , the beautiful once - to carry along with you for the rest of your life..they are what I call true friends. Never is it awesome to have a million friends but just those 2-3 who you can't live without! those who matter more than anything..matter more than life..who fill life in you..who teach you..who support you..who carry you..who you ought to respect .. in front of who you can just say anything..!
This post might be boring you, but this is a plain dedication to 3 of my most beautiful friends ever, the ones who understood me..who accepted me , ignoring my faults , who were like my pillar and a spring every time I fell down in life..!
The one, who cares beyond limits, who loves beyond limits, who treated me like a princess, who put back my shattered me how to smile..and listen to your heart , to laugh like never before.
The second, the taught me how to make fearless memories, with whom I share an ocean of memories and every word we speak just makes us burst out in laughter.
The third, who was there to support me every time something went wrong , he was like a guide book, who just seemed to know everything to make me feel alright, someone who taught me not to think so much ( though I can never learn this) , he was the one who was awake at 12 to support me!
And these are the friends I'm talking about..they mean the life to me..even if I lose one of them I'll lose a huge part of me..they are like my soul mates , friends and family...!
You 3 are the support to my life..the day even one you leave, life will be hopeless, angels like you are few , never let any circumstance stand between us..! if it does, I promise it to conquer it for you and be by your side until my last breathe.