Life- illuminated- as you may have inferred this blog talks about different views on is definitely one thing which nobody till date has fully described! Adding up a little more effort to the others, I pour in my writings , thoughts and views mainly on life from time to time. Welcome, you are about to penetrate deep down in my mind.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The first step was the step Back!

Many books define depression as a prolonged period of sadness but I define it as the period of "renaissance"- which means rebirth..Rebirth of the soul and mind which concludes in maturity. It shows you the replica of second  life which teaches you to value this journey and then leave it on fate to end it rather than attempting yourself to go against fate and end the journey with brutality and leaving behind the loved once who never wanted to attend your burial.
A person whose depressed loses a lot when he's going through this ruthless stage of life but bitter this period of life the better the future of the person, because he learns so much about life and people in a while..That he is forced to live life with maturity even though his heart may desire the fun life!
The warmth of the body all lost and overshadowed by the coldness,
The vibrant colors which are replaced by the greyness,
The life overshadowed by the numbness.
The wounds that lie on his wrist represent his reckless nature  and how he can bare the physical pain rather than the mental disturbance, The face loses it's glow and shines despair, the heart reflects the loss of something that he dearly possessed. The dead soul that resides within the alive body pleases to let go, heart surrenders to the burden and the brain cripples down to the heaviness.
The only source and hope of light when starts diminishing ( the desire to live) , the meaning of life changes, all the soul then desires is to set itself free from the body and  from the madcap cosmos , The only desire that then resides within is to achieve immortality, to die, to end this journey without the agreement of fate. With every dull day and sleepless night the pain intensifies and the desire deepens. Finally when the heart, the soul, the mind and the body decide to quit mutually they stand on the edge of the roof and the eyes giving up to the reflexes shut down, knowing it's the end of "EVERYTHING" the foot gently rises. But something strikes the four(mind,soul,heart and body) the foot steps backwards and not forward. The value of life learned, things gradually change to positive and so does the life..lessons are meaningfully learned and not taken out from the ear right after hearing someone's advice, it's something someone has himself learned and will forever keep this lesson. The day which would have marked the end of a journey on the planet marked a beginning of a new beginning , a beginning which was different from all the other's beginnings , it's first step wasn't a step forward but backward, Sometimes to begin something new it's not compulsory you always have to step forward sometimes a backward step changes a great it saved a life, somewhere it may save you wrong decisions..Just give it a thought!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Respect me, and God will respect thee..!

"I'm a human too,
Just like you,
Respect me,
And god will respect thee."
In the era where the society is developing and the talks about equality are at the pinnacle, we need equal opportunities for women, equal places in society as men and free competition. Women in the all fields are in neck to neck competition with men, the latest and one of the most appropriate example is from our own homeland-India. Where the people in cities of Punjab and Haryana have an orthodox thinking and the cities are infamous for honor killings , female foeticide  which is leading to the skewed sex ratio, these cities are generally known as the cities which downplay the role of women in the society but recently in the Common Wealth Games..10 women athletes from these cities have won medals. This arose a question  of development in the minds of the men of these regions.
The country alone cannot develop when the minds of the people don't think big. We need to get out of our literal minds, we need to set free our minds to let it illuminate, we need to abandon our orthodox nature to the developing society  and when we have got so law oriented then why are we still practicing "sati"? Why are we still in favor of dowry? why are the women still not free from the "atyachaar" against them? This nature has still changed in the urban areas but what about the 72% rural ares in the nation?
development because it increases the literacy rate and the quality and quantity of education so as to stop the women "atyaachar" and women when start working with competition to men, it only increases the the assets of the country and and hence leads development in the work force, economy , GDP and several other areas. Women are a crucial part of the nation which DO NOT prove to be a disgrace to the society but only as valuable as men when it comes to getting involved in development. Along with pressure from the outer world a woman manages to be a mother and a guide to her child a daughter to her mother, with a sense of duty and a dearly sister providing a shoulder .
So, lets take an oath to drape the diligent and the graceful in the cloth weaved and embroidered from respect!

Monday, November 1, 2010


An optimist will say, when you feel low..think about the positive. but one thing that he may never realize is..while you are going through hard stuff in your life it's only the woeful writings that relieve you..lamenting for a while doesn't mean you're weak or incapable of recovering , it's just that you need a break from life and you stop caring for a while..for anyone, not even yourself..!
Philosopher's in old times have had many views upon life and till date no mortal has literally found the meaning and the soul purpose of this journey..!
Finding the purpose isn't hat difficult..but our attitude and the time is so wrong..We never think about the purpose of our life in teenage years or even when we are 20..because this is the time we are surrounded by the "materialistic" happiness that seems to satisfy the soul but in reality it only satisfies the mind..we actually start living when we are about to die..we seem to start the journey when fate doesn't allow..!
People have compared life to various things on earth..The tiniest of things in the cosmos have been compared to the living being..from the hardworking ant to the slow turtle ..almost everything..!
The other day..I just came up with another new comparison...AN AUTUMN LEAF..!
Yes, it's another little thing but the life of an autumn leaf is so familiar and similar to that of a depressed mortal.
The tree, like the bruiser stands tall and straight..making the leaves unaware of its disloyalty , the sun shoves away and with that approaches autumn..the crimson, the rusty brown and the pale golden leaves falling with utter confusion..because the bruiser assured them faith and loyalty..On the ground they were crushed , bewildered and lonesome ..still shocked..still baffled..people walked over the muddled ..intensifying the pain and the wounds..with each knock of the mortals foot they were buried under and under..The heartless (tree) didn't bewail..didn't worry..didn't care..didn't regret..!
The coldness ..(winter season) approached making each lobe and vein of the leaf numb..frozen dead..greyness took over the crimson, the rusty brown and the pale golden..The inhumane (tree) moved on with new mates ..adding up to lustre of the the beauty of the cosmos..the new mates(leaves) overwhelmed and colorful unaware of the forth coming brutality and burial..!
Life is a journey ..full of ups and downs..if you see joy..sorrow's meant to be there..and if you live life you got to die..a journey without a purpose till the end and then a purpose without the journey..!