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Monday, November 1, 2010


An optimist will say, when you feel low..think about the positive. but one thing that he may never realize is..while you are going through hard stuff in your life it's only the woeful writings that relieve you..lamenting for a while doesn't mean you're weak or incapable of recovering , it's just that you need a break from life and you stop caring for a while..for anyone, not even yourself..!
Philosopher's in old times have had many views upon life and till date no mortal has literally found the meaning and the soul purpose of this journey..!
Finding the purpose isn't hat difficult..but our attitude and the time is so wrong..We never think about the purpose of our life in teenage years or even when we are 20..because this is the time we are surrounded by the "materialistic" happiness that seems to satisfy the soul but in reality it only satisfies the mind..we actually start living when we are about to die..we seem to start the journey when fate doesn't allow..!
People have compared life to various things on earth..The tiniest of things in the cosmos have been compared to the living being..from the hardworking ant to the slow turtle ..almost everything..!
The other day..I just came up with another new comparison...AN AUTUMN LEAF..!
Yes, it's another little thing but the life of an autumn leaf is so familiar and similar to that of a depressed mortal.
The tree, like the bruiser stands tall and straight..making the leaves unaware of its disloyalty , the sun shoves away and with that approaches autumn..the crimson, the rusty brown and the pale golden leaves falling with utter confusion..because the bruiser assured them faith and loyalty..On the ground they were crushed , bewildered and lonesome ..still shocked..still baffled..people walked over the muddled ..intensifying the pain and the wounds..with each knock of the mortals foot they were buried under and under..The heartless (tree) didn't bewail..didn't worry..didn't care..didn't regret..!
The coldness ..(winter season) approached making each lobe and vein of the leaf numb..frozen dead..greyness took over the crimson, the rusty brown and the pale golden..The inhumane (tree) moved on with new mates ..adding up to lustre of the the beauty of the cosmos..the new mates(leaves) overwhelmed and colorful unaware of the forth coming brutality and burial..!
Life is a journey ..full of ups and downs..if you see joy..sorrow's meant to be there..and if you live life you got to die..a journey without a purpose till the end and then a purpose without the journey..!

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