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Friday, December 17, 2010

Small things, Big lessons!

Autumn leaf! Yes I compared it to the human life. Yet a another big thing..but sometimes, smaller things in the world teach you the greatest lessons of life..!
In the lap of nature, from somewhere these two single strands of thread had been departed from their bearer ( the cloth they were woven into) , flying high as if they had high expectations and dreams, blowing with breeze as if they were just going through life, No excitement, no fun..Simply dragging through life. When the breeze just got a little more subtle it looked like they had lost all hopes, all the dreams they had seen were shattering down so were they, it looked like..they were giving up on life  they didn't even try to lift themselves up, even if they did..the struggle was minute and almost if they had nothing left..the two threads didn't even look towards each other , if they would have, they could have a companion , maybe a soul mate..But something or maybe some invisible power was destroying them , ruining everything..every dream..every idea..simply EVERYTHING!
The waters below were mild in movement, low breeze as if the nature was creating a perfect scenario to give up..the two of them folded as if closed the eyes, unable to see their end, They both fell on the water. They survived,didn't drown! But they weren't backing out! They had decided to give up and so they had to!
The wind and the water started growling as if they were refusing to some fact..with the hustled movement of the waters the two threads came near, unfolded, as if they finally saw each other, the sky which was now dark was illuminated by the strong thunder bolts and lightening..the water as if trying to escape..fastened up..lost control over it and the threads which just shared a glance were gone..far apart..don't know what striked the two..but they started making visible efforts to go towards each other..when they finally did accomplish , they were entwined into one they had known each for ages..they had found their soul mates , the desire to die was extinguished.If they had made these visible efforts to die..they never would have a had a life so with the one you love..dying sometimes is easy..but facing problems , it is indeed worth it.
Life is a series of disappointements and joys..and these two are the facets of the same coin!
If you want joys, you ought to accept sorrows.!

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